Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zhovten 5-18

Nasledie Heritage Foundation volunteers are the BEST! :o) Nasledie has more than a hundred volunteers throughout the year that visit 6 to 8 orphanages every month. Each team works differently and each team comes up with great ideas. It is a blessing to work with such creative and fun people that just want to love God's children, share with them about Him, and to create great childhood memories for them.

This last Sunday the Zhovten team went to see the children they dearly care for. They had quite a fun adventure planned! The story that they were sharing was about the prodigal son. Of course, they could just read the story, but that wouldn't be quite as fun or as memorable as this!

They put together a quest for the prodigal son. First, the teams sat at listened to the story, so that they new knowledge of what the Bible teaches. Then they went to ten different stations and acted out the story. They had to do this with creativity, agility, and ingenuity. The station leader explained the task and rules and the kids got busy. They figured out logical problems at one station (dividing of the possessions based on the 2 sons), sang songs (rejoicing in the son's return), made new fashionable clothes out of newspaper (for the returning son), learned archery (to protect the pigs from wild animals), and etc. They also had one station where they had to act out the story.

We are certain these kids won't ever forget the story of the prodigal son. Pray they will also never forget how their Father in heaven will also rejoice when they return to Him.