Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Karolina Bugaz 5-17

One great thing about the Karolina Bugaz orphanage is that it is located very close to Odessa. It is just under an hour away. This enables us to visit there more often. The team was there just a week ago, but decided to go see the kids again.

Each time we go we try to have some time to talk with the kids about serious topics or a Bible Story. This time we shared a video about the effects of smoking to the older kids. For the younger children, there was a short Bible story. It is important for us to take this time to share with them the truth. Some times they are attentive and we are still seeking ways with this specific team to find a way to communicate important things in a captivating way. Please pray for us in this.

The boys had a fun time making helicopters. We laughed at how many improvised by using their teeth to construct it! We also were happy to see that many worked together.