Children that grow up in the orphanage struggle to make it on their own outside of the orphanage. These children leave the orphanage at the age of 15 to 18 years old and are sent to trade schools. Most have never been taught the basic skills of life including how to manage money, how to shop for things that you need, how to make food, how to wash their clothes, and etc. We have been working in orphanages for many years and have spent time teaching some of these life skills to the children. However, when reality hits and they are on their own they struggle. We have started several different ministries with orphanage graduates in order to mentor them and care for them as they learn to live life on their own.

Club OK

This group meets on Friday nights and volunteers discuss relevant topics with the kids. They build relationships in order to be able to speak truth into their lives. It's a fun night with games, snacks, and discussion. Click here to for posts about Club OK.

Lighthouse Soccer Club

Every Wednesday night we meet with boys that are graduates from the orphanages for life discussions and for soccer. Each week 15 to 20 boys join us and we are grateful to build relationships with them through soccer. Click here to see the blog posts for the Lighthouse Soccer Club.