Each year we do several large projects in order to give volunteers the opportunity to serve, to increase orphan awareness in our community, to bless the children with a fun time, and to deepen relationships with the children.

This video was taken at one of the camps and shows some of the fun things kids did at Camp LELA 2016.

Some of our past projects:

Camp LELA 2016
Once again we hosted over 800 children from the orphanages, troubled homes, and the war zone in Eastern Ukraine. We also had a camp for children with special needs and their families. The 2nd Annual Lighthouse Camp for families that are fostering or adopting children was also a highlight! You can see pictures from the summer here.

Winter Projects (December 2015 - January 2015)
This holiday season we were able to do many different projects that encouraged orphans, children in hospitals, and the elderly. Read more about these events and see pictures here.


Camp LELA (Summer 2015)
We hosted over 800 children at Camp LELA! Children came for a week to ten days to enjoy many different activities including : swimming, horseback riding, zip line, driving a car, sports games, singing, dancing, crafts, camp fires, sleeping in a tent, building a camp site, hearing about the Lord, and eating great food!
Please see for more pictures and information.

June 1, 2015 Children's Day (held on May 31st)
We invited children from 10 different orphanages to come to Odessa for the day. They performed songs and dances in the local mall for the shoppers. They sold their hand made crafts to them, too. Afterwards, they enjoyed a tasty lunch, a movie, and a trip to the Dolphinarium. Here you can see a few photos.

Winter Project (December 2014 - January 2015)
We gathered gifts for the children in the States and in Ukraine. Thank you for sending 1,500 pairs of slippers and hundreds of fleece blankets. We collected almost 500 gifts in Ukraine, too.
We hosted three day winter camps in six different orphanages during the holiday time.
We helped bring children from many different orphans to a Christmas Fair in Odessa.
We helped children from the Balta orphanage come to perform in the local mall and to sell their hand made crafts.
We brought the refugee children from their temporary shelters to Odessa to view a movie in the theatre, The First Noel (a Christian film).
We visited the children's hospitals on January 5th to bring cheer to children that are not feeling well.

At the bottom of this page select Winter Projects 2014/2015 to see pictures and more information.

Prayer Day Marathon (November 2014)
We visited 16 different orphanages in six days to put on a special program for the children, to pray for the children, and to share His love with them.
We held a flash mob in the center of Odessa and talked with people about orphans.
We held a special prayer service with volunteers to pray for orphans in our region.

We are already thinking about and planning this event for November of 2015. Please join us in prayer for this.

Camp LELA (Summer 2014)
We hosted over 500 children from orphanages, troubled homes, and refugees at five different camps. Please see for more photos and videos.

We are planning seven different camps for the Summer of 2015. Please join us in prayer for this.

Children's Day (June 2014)
We helped children from 6 different orphanages make their way to Odessa for a fun filled day. The children came to the local shopping center and were able to perform special dances and songs they had prepared. They also sold their handmade crafts. They went bowling, watched a movie in the theatre, and ate lunch in the shopping center restaurant. Click here to read more and see pictures.

We will celebrate this day with the children again in June of 2015. Please join us in praying for this special day for the children.