Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sidewalk Sunday School

This month the number of children and teens in attendance have soared! Thank you so much for your prayers in this! We see God working in the lives of these children!

We continue to work hard with the children to make the courtyard area look nice. We planted more flowers and did quite a bit of painting of flower beds, tables, and benches. The adults in the courtyard are becoming more friendly to us and thank the children for their work. We are also pointing them towards Christ.

This month we finished the Love series that we have been doing with the children. We had a celebration that we had finished the lengthy program. We played games, had special treats, and we also handed out Christian children's magazines.

We really were in need of a room for storage of materials and for meeting in when it rains or gets really cold. Praise God we have found something, however it is in need of repair and is quite small. BUT we are so thankful that God provided this humble space. We will work to make it our own.

Thank you for your constant prayers and financial support for this program.