Monday, December 23, 2013

Sidewalk Sunday School 12-22

It gets a little colder every week! :) But we are still having a great time! We continue to visit the kids on Sundays.

All the kids in coats, but still having fun!
Hot tea and treats inside!

Often trees are decorated and put up in the court yards of the apartment buildings. This year we decided that we would bring a tree and help the kids decorate it. This past Sunday we worked on making the ornaments and we hope to bring the tree next week.

This week one boy presented us with a poster of many pictures from the last year that we came to share with them on Sundays. Sometimes we forget that we are making a difference. We come week after week and focus on the work and in the moment this boy handed us this poster we had no words to express how grateful we are that the Lord gives us this work and involves us in the sharing of His love.

Poster given to us by one of the boys that comes to the Sidewalk Sunday School Program

Pray for us as it gets colder. We do have a room indoors that we can use, but there is more room outdoors. We are also planning a week long camp program from January 8th through January 12th. Pray for good weather!