Thursday, December 26, 2013

Zhovten 12-22

We packed the van with 18 volunteers and closed the doors with many others begging to join us. It's exciting for us to have some many people that want to be part of the team that visits the children in Zhovten several times a month.

We had our usual program of large group time, small groups, crafts and games. This time for the older kids we had a certified trainer that taught a program on the prevention HIV/AIDs, TB, and other socially dangerous diseases. We think it is imperative for the teenagers to know about these diseases and understand how to protect themselves.

The older kids also baked and decorated cookies for everyone. It's a great chance for them to learn how to bake as this skill is not taught to them in the orphanage.

We also were able to give lots of decorations for Christmas, Christian calendars to all the teachers at the orphanage, and lots of apples for the kids.