Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marathon Day 4....Andreevo-Ivanovko

We made it back from day number 4 before 6 PM! :o) I think we are all happy about that. Today was another great day on the road and at the orphanage. Today the program was a little different because our clowns that were here for the first 3 days were not able to be with us the last two days. However, our new clowns were just as great and did several "scientific" experiments. The bubble time continues to be a favorite at every orphanage.
Bubble time, clowns having fun, and the kids in Andreevo-Ivanovko being prayed for

The questions that must be burning in everyone's mind are...who is this team and how are they getting to these places? Well, I have the answers here for you. Each day we have taken two vans that fit 27 people and all the supplies needed for the day including the sound system, Bibles, Evangelistic comics, prizes, and etc. We have with us in our team bubble makers, cotton candy makers, clowns, photographers, coordinators, singers, guitar players, emcees, drivers, face painters, sound technicians, and those that pour out love to the children!

Meet our team, many of whom, will be with us everyday and will give 50 to 60 hours of volunteer time this week.

Coordinator, emcee, cotton candy makers, and photographer

Volunteers sharing love with the children

Face painter, bubble maker, and clowns

Singers, sound technicians, and a friendly driver

Two vans to take the team of 27 people...the magnets say "Odessa without orphans".