Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marathon Day 3...Balta

We had another great day on our marathon. We visited the children living in the Balta Orphanage. We continued with the same program and the kids had a great time. One really neat part of the program is when the clowns have a display of bubbles. Who know that you could make such big bubbles and a cake out of bubbles? The kids sit quietly and are mesmerized by the floating bubbles.
Today the children also prepared a program for us! It was an honor to watch them dance and sing. They were all great performers and we could have watched for quite a bit longer. It's a somber thought to think these children don't have parents or other relatives that watch them perform. I am glad we could be there to cheer them on, clap loudly, and take pictures.
Another big hit this week has been the parachute. It's so much fun watching the kids having a great time.
Please continue to pray for the van that doesn't seem to be working properly. Pray for the team as many are tired from this week's work.

Bubble Time!

Kids Dancing and Singing for us