Thursday, February 4, 2016

Zhovten 1-30

On the 30th of  January, a group of 25 volunteers from Yuzhniy visited the orphanage in Zhovten. They brought their long-awaited Christmas gifts! Previously, they could not visit the children because of the weather conditions. Our team's goal was to reveal the spirit of Christmas to children. Each class represented a family and they were competing for having a Christmas dinner. The children decorated the classroom and set the table. Each class had 1-2 volunteers and  they  tried to make their celebration of Jesus's Birthday special. Children constantly asked, "Do you think this is how Jesus would want his birthday celebrated, and what he would like to get for his birthday?" In the midst of the holiday, according to our ancient tradition they children went from "house to house" visiting our "families" in national dress, singing Christmas songs, and children were treated with sweets. It felt like a warm family celebration. At the end of the celebration, children received gifts. The team also purchased 120 kg of apples for the children. Shortly before that day, one boy hurt his eyes and his mother refused to buy drugs needed for his treatment, and so the team brought them to him. They visited him in the orphanage infirmary and encouraged him. The children were very happy to be with the volunteers and took a long time saying goodbye to them. We thank God for everything especially for this special team that cares for the children in Yuzhniy.