Monday, February 8, 2016

Kids games 2-6

We were given the open door to work with the refugee children at a local refugee center! We decided to do the Kids Games program and meet with the children for four Saturdays in February.

Initially, there were a few children that came but in an hour, a rumor about us spread out throughout the building and many children came. Altogether there were about 40 children, which made 4 teams that participated in the Kids Games 2016.

The first meeting with the children is one of the most exciting. We do not know who will come, how the children will accept us, and whether they will  like participating. But God has everything under control, so we trust Him. Even though we could not be in the room where we had agreed with the administration to have the games at, we were ready for any situation and started playing in the hall. It was a great and  an exciting time and we are looking forward to the next week!