Monday, December 21, 2015

Chornaya 12-19

On the 19th of December, our team visited the Chornaya orphanage. It was a blessed trip. The team leader got sick and it was the first time the volunteers were without the main leader. God gave them courage to head out to the orphanage and to lead the program. We are thankful for our faithful leaders and volunteers! 
Children were very glad to see us and they accept us as good friends.  We played lots of games and sang many songs, but most importantly we shared with kids and their caregivers the truth about Jesus Christ. The day of our visit was Saint Nicholas day, so we decided to share with them the origin of this holiday and help them understand that we should worship Jesus Christ. We believe that the seed of the gospel was sown into their hearts. Please pray about for these children as they ponder the birth of Jesus and what it means for them.