Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kilia 5-3

These warm sunny days give us the opportunity to hang out with children outside and play various games! Praise God! This trip brought us a lot of positive encouragement. Sergei was playing with younger ones and they were giggling with joy, Lena had speech lessons and Maya and Dima were passing out clothes. It was like a blessed family time and brought us and the children a lot of joy.

The Bible lesson was about sowing and reaping. We used different materials to show them that we will reap the consequences of our actions and that God is just. And because he is just we need to trust him even when we are treated unfairly. We shared with them story of the Good Samaritan and some personal experiences from our lives.

We also had the opportunity to visit children in the infirmary. Those children are isolated from the world and need love, support, and friendship with adults who know God. Thank you to all who support our volunteers and ministry.