Friday, May 1, 2015

Balta 5-3

We once again want to share our joy with you. Praise God that He gives opportunities to meet with children in the Balta orphanage. Our visit showed us how much these children need love and care because they don't have this in their lives.

This time we meet with the 1st-3rd classes. These kids were very active and cheerful. We enjoyed playing games, eating sweets, and laughing with them. Their favorite part was playing with colorful parachute. It really captured their attention and older kids were interested, too. We had some logic puzzles for them to help them develop their mind and abstract thinking.

We had a fun game figuring out the topic of the lesson. They children needed to gather the letters and put them in the right order. The spelled out the phrase “I love Jesus.” Children completed the task very quickly. Then we read Bible with them and talked about Jesus. Orphans showed great interest and listened carefully to the Scripture.

At the end we distributed some toiletries. It was truly a day that brought us lots of blessings and joy. God has poured His love on us through this opportunity to serve.

We are very grateful for all people who pray for us and support us financially. We praise God that He allows us to serve these orphans with you.