Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Zhovten 4-13 and children hosted in Yuzhniy

The great volunteers of Yuzhniy once again hosted 5 children in their homes over the holiday. We can't thank God enough for volunteers that give of their time and resources to care for these children. When the kids are at home, we can more openly share with them and care for them. They experience a more normal life within a family. They spent the time walking on the beach, playing soccer, making great food, and going to church on Sunday! The kids helped with the preparations for visiting the orphanage the day after Easter, too.

The day after Easter 18 volunteers visited  the Zhovten orphanage.  The greatest blessing for us was the fact, that 3 of our volunteers were graduates from the orphanage (17-19 years old), and they took position of team leaders. It’s so great to see them in this role, just recently we were sharing those stories with them and now they are leading the other children in Bible lessons. Praise God!

Children watched the skit about the meaning of the Easter and took part in different games. After each game we wanted children to learn some lesson about how they can apply the spiritual principles. So after each game there was a small talk about this.  

They had the opportunity to earn points by participating in the games and then they could spend them at the “gift fair”.  We think this kind of reward helps them to learn how to use the resources they have and encourages them to take part in the program.

And of course we could not forget about the children in the infirmary! We brought them some sweets and oranges.

We thank you for your sacrificial giving and for your prayers. We are also praying for you. Please pray for our team, our church, and two girls that are now in the hospital, their name are Anya and Alyona.

Please pray for the graduates who don’t know how to live outside orphanage and that they would learn to adapt.