Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Balta January Update

The team visited the children in Balta again at the end of January. The kids were happy to see us and were excited to participate in the program for the day. Dima continued with his Poster Evangelism Program. When the kids see the illustration as he explains it helps them remember in the future about what they learned. The children are more attentive because the illustration and the words together draw their attention. This time Dima shared about the truth. The question was, Are you sure? He shared with the kids about how many things seem to be the truth, but we can't always trust in them. He then shared with them the real truth that we can always trust and that is that Jesus is our Saviour and the only path to God.

The lesson this time had to do with learning to tie knots and also to do a few tricks with the rope. They really enjoyed it. There were also several other games and fun activities.

At the end, the children begged them to stay longer. It's always encouraging to know that they enjoyed the time. Most importantly the heard the Gospel and we demonstrated His love to them.

Praise God that the door to share the gospel freely is open to us in this orphanage. Pray with us as Dima and the team continue to minister to the children.

Thank you for your support and prayers for the children in Balta.