Thursday, February 5, 2015

Andreevo Ivanovoko 1-31

Last Saturday the team visited the children in Andreevo Ivanovko. It was encouraging to us that most of the children participated and were excited to be with us. We see that the time spent with the children during the winter camp has helped with bringing the children in closer relationship with us.

We started the day off by singing songs and playing a few fun games. Then the children were divided into different age groups. For the two youngest groups we talked with the children about prayer. We talked about how prayer was a conversation with God. We spent some time praying with the children as an example to them about how to pray.

The older children, 9th-11th grade, met separately. We are starting a new program with them that helps prepare them for life after the orphanage. This first meeting with them was more of an introduction and explanation of the new program.