Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Camp in Karolina Bugaz

Just a few days before the camp our big team of 18 slowly diminished to 13. Then the children from Eastern Ukraine returned to their orphanages and there was just a small number of children left for the camp. The team arrived and there was no electricity and there were no doors for the showers or the toilets BUT! The enthusiastic team pressed on! It turned out to be one amazing camp!
The team was there for three days and was able to really interact with the children. It was a unique opportunity to work with a small group. The children were all able to participate in the games and to enjoy one on one time with leaders.

The Biblical lesson that was taught over several days was about Christians in Rome and also the Christmas story. Ceasar himself welcomed the children to play games in the Circus Maximus! Christians were ready to become food for the lions as the told the children about Christ. On the last day a soldier in the play accepted Christ. This team and the coordinator spent lots of time preparing such a creative and fun program. The children played gladiator games even though the room we were given to play games was extremely cold and without heat! The all camp game, Christians against the Romans, was so enjoyed and even played twice! Crafts were also given the Roman theme.

The children all received warm blankets, slippers, and a backpack of school supplies as a gift. The children were quite delighted to pick their items.

Praise God for this camp, team, and this unique opportunity to work with these children in Karolina Bugaz.