Sunday, January 18, 2015

Andreevo Ivanovko Winter Camp

A team of 17 people entered the orphanage on January 9th to put on a winter camp for the kids. They were there for three days and everyone had a great time!

The first day was a day of getting to know each other a little better. The topic was about the gift of life that God has given each of us. Leaders met with the children in small groups and shared their personal testimonies. There were lots of fun games indoors and outdoors! This camp team took it to heart when we said winter camp. They took the kids outside for relay races in the snow, archery, and hockey. In the evening, everyone played board games, a movie, crafts, and time for conversation.

The second day was given the topic of unity and togetherness. They shared with the children about working together and getting along. In the morning meeting, there were plenty of songs and games to capture the children's attention. Then there was the contest of building a cake together. They had fun with the whip cream creating a culinary design. The rest of the day was spent playing more sports games outside, board games inside, crafts, and socializing. In the evening, there was a special meeting for girls and the boys enjoyed a movie, "A Thousand Words."

The third and final day was given the topic of talent. Everyone has  talent that God has given them and we wanted to let the kids perform. Most of the day was spent in preparation for the evening show. Late that afternoon it was the show that lit the stars! The children sang, danced, and recited poems. One boy showed a pre-recorded video of his talent on the jungle gym bar. One by one and two by two many came to share with us their talents.

After the talent show, there were gifts for all the children. Everyone received a backpack, stuffed animal, and a pair of warm slippers.

Then it was time for the final goodbyes. The kids did not want us to leave and the team did not want to go. It was a great time for everyone and gave the opportunity to build relationships. The team will visit again soon at the end of the month.