Sunday, November 9, 2014

We did it! Day #6 Krasnosyolka, Limonskaya, Mikalaievka, Flash mob, and Prayer Service!

Saturday was the final day for the Prayer Day Marathon. We visited the girls in Krasnosyolka. They had a great time singing, dancing, doing crafts, and spending time with us. (Photos are not permitted.) We also sent small teams to Limonskaya and Mikalaievka.

In the afternoon, we performed a flash mob 4 different times in the city center in order to help create awareness for orphans. The clowns gathered brave adults and very willing children to learn a fun hand jive. When they had learned it, they turned to perform and 30 volunteers rose up from the crowds and joined them.

All week long we gathered prayer requests hand written by the children. We gathered on the final day of the Marathon to pray for their prayer requests. Each group was also given a tree that had fingerprints of the kids on it and they prayed for that specific orphanage and our program there.