Saturday, November 8, 2014

Day #5 Zhovten, Pishana, and Ananiev

Day 5 was 3 teams, 3 orphanages, and 100's of happy kids. The teams headed out at 9 AM sharp and were excited for the last day on the road.

Zhovten - The kids had a great time doing several crafts, adding their fingerprint to the tree, and performing songs and skits. The team was able to share several stories about how God had answered their prayers. They also spent time praying over the children. Over 30 volunteers came to love this children! Praise God for a great team of volunteers.

Pishana - A long trip to Pishana, but the team was greeted with lots of joy and hugs! The kids were excited to be reunited with volunteers from camp and were ready for a fun afternoon. The kids enjoyed the skits, crafts and games.

Ananiev - This team that has traveled the road everyday is a collection of many people that aren't from Odessa. They have lived in the office all week, sleeping on air mattresses, sharing one shower, and traveling everyday. The spent the last day in Ananiev and enjoyed their last day together as a team. Praise God for these people that are willing to go the extra mile to love His children.