Monday, September 29, 2014

Team visits Kilia Orphanage

The team headed out on the long 4 hour trip to Kilia on Sunday. They had a great trip and arrived just in time for lunch. The way the bus schedule works out it was best for them to spend the night and return on Monday morning. They were delighted to spend so much time with the kids and the kids were equally excited to see our team.

Upon arrival, the children jumped all over the team and greeted them! It had been over a month since camp and they were so excited for this reunion. It's not possible to explain the joy that it brings to see the faces of the children when our team comes to visit them. They are constantly jumping and shouting and asking where one person is that is missing. They all want to see that special person that they know.

We spent time with them singing songs, playing games, reminiscing about Narnia (Camp LELA), and just talking. We passed out treats to the little kids and moved on with a special program for the older kids. There are many older kids now especially since 47 children have come to the orphanage recently from the eastern part of Ukraine. We spent time talking about life, about the Lord, about what is cool, and the great topic of boys and girls. We had small group discussion time and focused on these different topics.

It was a great time to reunite with the children from camp and also to meet the new children from eastern Ukraine. Those children are also begging to come to Camp LELA 2015, since they have heard so much about it.

Thank you for your constant prayers and sponsorship for the orphanage in Kilia. We are blessed to send our team to minister to them.