Monday, September 29, 2014

New ministry in Izmael Orphanage

Nasledie Heritage Foundation seeks to partner with many individuals, churches, and organizations to reach as many of the children in the orphanages as we can. Collectively, we are Odessa Without Orphans. We want our region to be without orphans. Nasledie has the ability to give documents to those that don't have them in order to enter the orphanages. Also, as a larger organization we can provide training, camps, and other large projects to smaller teams that would not have the ability to do this. We are so grateful that God opens the door for us to work with many others. Recently, we became in contact with Angela and her daughter that have been working in Izmail with orphan graduates for many years. We are able to partner with them and help them further. They joined us at camp this summer and now continue their work in the orphanage and with graduates. Here is a recent update from them.

Angela writes,

We have been working in Izmael for three years already as the group called, "You are not alone." With the help of a charitable organization we were able to rent an apartment and began ministry to many graduates of orphanages that had come to our city to study. Our place has been open to these children and it helps them stay off the streets where they can get involved in the wrong things. At our place, they can take a shower, cook dinner, spend time on the internet, spend time with friends, and hear about the Lord. We also joined with New Hope and helped see many children get adopted into homes here in Ukraine. Although we were reaching many children, we had a desire to minister to more children in the orphanage.
We met the director of Nasledie, Slavik Puzanov, and were able to form yet another partnership. Through this partnership the doors of the orphanage were opened to us and we have begun ministering to the children living there.
In September, we were able to host a picnic for the kids living there along with all of the new kids that have joined the orphanage from the Eastern part of Ukraine.

Kids at the apartment

We are thankful that Nasledie and our team can embrace Angela and her work. Together we can be more effective in ministering to the children in the Izmail orphanage. This orphanage is several hours away from Odessa, so we are glad that we can support a team that is already working there. We were glad the children were at Camp LELA and look forward to visiting them in November with the Nasledie team for the Prayer Day Marathon.