Monday, September 22, 2014

Zhovten 9-21

Zhovten team visited the children again yesterday with 17 volunteers meeting up with nearly 60 children. There are many orphans in Zhovten, but there are also many children that have parents that have been deemed inept. This is difficult for these children because they want so badly to return to their parents and relatives, but they are left in the orphanage. Many at times are able to go home and visit, but many are never visited or taken home. We are glad for the opportunity to minister to all of these children in Zhovten.

We spent the time having Bible lessons, making crafts, and having relay races. At the end, there were prizes, sweet treats, and soda.

We were also able to bless the kids with many books that we had collected. There were also 35 pairs of new shoes for the girls.

The ladies of the church wanted to meet to pray for the children and asked the we ask them how they could be prayed for. Of course, there were a few that were asking for a new phone! ;) However, most were very sincere. Here are just a few:
Pray that my parents will take me home for a vacation.
Pray that my parents will stop fighting.
Pray for my sister in Crimea that I have not seen for a very long time.
Pray that I can visit the sea one day.

Please continue to pray for our team that visits the children in Zhovten and for the children. Thanks for your constant prayers and support.