Friday, September 19, 2014

Refugees in local Sanatorium

In northern region of our city, there is a sanatorium that is hosting a group of refugees. This place is located near where we live and near where our new ministry center is located. We were able to go to visit this group and pass along many school uniforms and used clothing that was donated by a local church.

We listened to their stories and to their needs. We weren't able to promise that we would be able to help, but that we would pray and seek ways to help them. Many are people that are in wheel chairs with their children. They have been living here for months and have no idea what to do next. It still is not safe for them to return to their cities. Many of those cities are still seeing fighting and explosions daily, there are places without running water, gas, and electricity, and there is a chance their homes have been destroyed.

Please pray that God will continue to open the door for us to ministry to this group of refugees. We are planning a children's program for the 14 children that are living there on Saturday, September 27.