Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Assisting Refugee Orphans

As you are aware, our country is in the midst of heavy battles in the east. Thousands of people have left this area to flee for their safety. This summer hundreds of orphans were also taken out of this war zone. The children were placed in a sanatorium along the sea for many months. Many of them remembered the destruction of their cities and wondered what would be next for them. We heard about these children and throughout the summer prayed for them and thought about what would be next for them.

The government decided to disperse them throughout the Odessa region into the orphanages where we are currently working. This puts a large amount of financial pressure onto the orphanages that we work in and many directors began calling us asking for our help. The first and greatest need was to get the children bussed to their orphanages. Praise God that many of you have provided us with the funds that were needed and we are able to help bus the children to their new orphanages. The opportunity to help these orphanages and directors further builds our relationships.

Last Friday, August 29, we drove to the sanatorium to greet the kids and see them load the buses. Several directors greeted us and saying they had no idea how they would have been able to do this without this financial assistance.

We were also able to greet many of the children and encourage them as many were fearful to leave yet another temporary home and move onto the next.

Please pray for these dear children, our ministry to them, and for the orphanages as they reshuffle to accommodate 40 to 70 more children in each orphanage.

Ready to board the bus and head to the Kilia orphanage.
Kids loading the bus to head to the Pishana Orphanage
These kids are seated and ready for their 7 hour ride to Pishanna. 
These kids are loading the bus and heading to the orphanage in Karolina Bugaz.
We also assisted in transferring 31 children from one orphanage where we work to another orphanage,
so the empty orphanage could be filled with refugee orphans. Pray as they transition to their new home.