Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zhovten Team celebrates graduation

The Zhovten team visited the kids and had a great time celebrating with the graduates. There were 12 graduates and about 30 other children that were present.

The team brought lots of food (candy, strawberries, sandwiches, hot dogs, and beverages). The tables were decorated with tasty food and the room was decorated with fancy balloons. After eating, they continued with the festivities.

They took lots of pictures and immediately printed them to give to the kids.

There were lots of fun games.

They prayed for the kids and made wishes for the graduates and sent the heart shaped Chinese lanterns to the sky.

They said their goodbyes for the summer. The team will see the kids at Camp LELA over the summer and then return to them in September.

Pray for this team and that God would bless them for their work with these children.