Thursday, July 3, 2014

Graduation Celebration in Balta

Dima and Anya celebrated recently with the children that graduated from the Balta orphanage. It is common in Ukraine for graduates to receive a photo book, but the orphans typically do not receive these books that are similar to a year book. Dima and Anya decided to make the books for the graduates and present them to the kids along with a small program.

They gathered the children and held the program outside. There were games, quizzes, prizes, presenting of the books, and a short message from Dima. He shared that we have one life and it is best to allow the Lord to fill it with joy and blessings as they follow Him. A very important message for these young people to hear as they start their new life. Dima and Any were greatly encouraged that the director, assistant director, and many teachers also attended this short program. It is also part of the ministry to the share with these people that work at the orphanage.

After the program, the staff kindly greeted them and thanked them for their work with the children. We are thankful for this partnership.

As we know, graduation from the orphanage means a ticket to independent life. However, most kids are not prepared and it is hard for us to seem them leave the walls of the orphanage. Please pray for these children and their next steps in life. Please pray that the relationships that Dima and Anya have built with them well continue after they leave the orphanage. Please also pray for Dima and Anya and their ministry.