Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Camp in Balta January 6th through 10th

Praise God we did it! We held the first winter camp at the Balta Orphanage. It was a great week. Special thanks to team leaders, Dima and Anya Murkin, and also the team that spent their holiday week in Balta with the kids.

Many months ago we started planning for this camp. We started searching for volunteers, wrote our program, and prayed. It is amazing to us that the director gave permission for our evangelistic camp. She also allowed for the team to stay at the orphanage. Thank you for all your prayers for the relationship with the director. We see God has opened her heart to us and trusts us with the children.

We had a great time playing games inside and outside, making crafts, having small groups, doing crafts, singing, laughing, and spending lots of time in conversation. On Tuesday, it was Christmas in Ukraine. We had a nice service and time of celebrating the birth of Christ. The staff of the orphanage was very thankful for that.

We also were able to distribute many of the gifts that had been collected. They LOVED the watches that sponsors had sent from the States. Thank you!

Kids in the orphanage are alone during the holidays and it is a difficult time for them. When asked the question, "What do you wish God would do at Christmas?" one child answered, "I am asking God to bring my mom and dad to take me away from here." Another child told us that a family was coming to adopt her, such a blessing from God!

We are thankful that God blessed us with the opportunity to serve the children in the Balta Orphanage. Thank you for your prayers.

Team and Kids Receiving Gifts

Outdoor and Indoor Games

Craft time!

Singing and Small Groups

Fun times with friends!