Monday, December 23, 2013

Balta update 12-1

We visited the children at the Balta orphanage on 11-30. This time we decided to gather the boys and girls together rather than having separate groups. The theme for the day was Thanksgiving and to help the kids think about all the things that God gives us each day that we should be thankful for...even the little things.

There were 12 kids in attendance and we thank you for your prayers about our meeting space. Today we were in a classroom and it was much better environment for our group.

The director has shared with us that she is open to our Christian beliefs and teaching. We are grateful that we can openly share with the children from the Bible. God is slowly opening their hearts to us and we are ready to pour God's love and truth into them.

Please pray for the ministry in Balta, for the fate of the children, that their hearts would be open to God, their commitment to meeting with us, and for all the employees of the orphanage.