Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas present update!

We had faith that it would be possible to collect 80 gifts for the children at the Balta orphanage in one month at the local shopping center. (see the post from November 17 where we asked you to pray) Well, all those gifts were collected in just 4 days!!!! What to do next? Go to another orphanage to get pictures of the kids, get more boxes, more wrapping paper, gather the team, get the boxes wrapped, and get the boxes to the shopping center to be filled. To be honest I think we are all a little WOWED here. As of today, after 9 days we have about 150 gifts collected. Praise God that he gave this idea to us, that we were given permission to be at the local shopping center, and that many people have the desire to help by buying these gifts. It is an amazing feeling to see God provide!

Every project needs great volunteers to execute them. We'd like to thank Artyom for being there by the tree nearly everyday as he leads other volunteers. Praise God for his heart to serve.

Artyom, a faithful volunteer!

Yes, the volunteers are having fun! Pictured on the right is Artyom explaining the project to some shoppers.