Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sidewalk Sunday School update

Every Sunday from 3 to 6 the team shows up for Sunday School and they are greeted by lots of little friends. They meet on the street in the court yard of some apartments and teach the kids about the Lord. Each week there are 15 to 25 kids that show up for this time of Bible lessons, games, crafts, relay races, tournaments, and of course treats!
The goal is to reach children from ages 4 to 14 teaching them the Gospel and then directing them to local churches. This helps promote social change, fosters relationships with children, and helps them learn how to use their talents and abilities.
Despite the colder weather we continue to meet on the street. We were blessed with many tables and chairs to use for the lessons and craft times. We are thankful for them. Occasionally, when it is raining or really cold we are able to meet in an apartment of one of the volunteers.
Recently, four children from one dysfunctional family started attending a local church. For us, this is great encouragement that our work is not in vain and we will not grow weary in doing good.

Please pray for us as the weather gets colder!