Monday, November 11, 2013

Balta Small Groups 11-9

We have been working on an agreement with the director of the Balta orphanage for a long time to be able to visit the children and to have small groups more regularly. Team leaders, Dima and Anya, who live in Balta have prayed fervently and worked hard to build a relationship with the director. She allowed for the kids to be at camp this past summer, for Nasledie teams to visit several times this fall, for kids to go hiking in October, and now she has agreed for small group discussion time with some of the older children. Praise God!

Saturday, November 9th was the first time for the small groups. There were two different groups, one for boys and one for girls. There were 10 girls (13-15 years old) and 12 boys (15-16 years old).   

The meeting with the girls had a fun and relaxed atmosphere. During various games and discussion, we talked about the fact that God made us unique and how it is important to reveal your own personality. At the end of the meeting the girls gave us their phone numbers and promised to join us next time for the small group.

The meeting with the boys was also very pleasant. We discussed “guy things” :o) and explained the purpose and plans for future meetings. We also had a brief discussion on the dangers of smoking, since many of the children in the orphanage smoke.

We plan to continue these small groups weekly to discuss a variety of different topics. We are also planning special things like sports events for boys and craft classes for girls. Hopefully, we can bring the girls and boys together month and also celebrate holidays.

Praise God with us that the door to the Balta orphanage and these children has been opened and also for Dima and Anya who live in Balta and are willing to serve them. We are praying for God to work in the hearts of these young people. Join us in these prayers.