Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Soccer camp Andreevo Ivanovko

We are excited to share with you about the soccer camp we organized at the end of March in the Andreevo Ivanovko orphanage during their spring break. The children were divided into three groups. In each group, we had skilled coaches who taught the kids how to pass the ball, how to kick the ball, and how to play as a team. During the camp, there were different topics that were discussed in small groups. To help them remember these biblical lessons, we played special themed games and at the end of the camp each child received a gift.  This time in the orphanage helped the volunteers gain a greater understanding about what life for a child in the orphanage is like concerning their day to day life and routines. It was a great time to share with the children much needed attention and care. The volunteers were able to share openly with the children about God's love for them. Please pray that the volunteers would continue in visiting the children.