Sunday, April 3, 2016

Balta 4-2

Dima continues to focus on working with the 5th graders in the Balta orphanage. This month there was the opportunity to once again share the Gospel through poster evangelism and the caregivers stayed in the room for this part, too. Please pray their lives would also be impacted. The children had requested some books and we were able to bring them some. They were happy to receive the books and as soon as they got them they started looking through them. We hope the read them and enjoy them.  They sang a few songs with or newest volunteer, David, playing on the guitar. The lesson this time was about Easter and also about our dreams and goals. There was discussion about sharing our dreams, hopes, and goals with the Lord and that He can help us see those things come to fruition. The children all received notebooks and treats at the end of the meeting.

Dima has been using this poster evangelism method for almost a year. He shared this," I reminded them about the previous lesson and they remembered most of it. I can surely say that the posters through which we share with them biblical stories have great impact on them, as they almost always remember nearly everything I had shared with them in previous lessons."

Dima also reports that some of the children started coming to the youth meeting at the local church. This is great news. Please support us in prayer.