Tuesday, March 8, 2016


At the end of February, the team from Yuzhniy once again visited the orphanage in Zhovten. For the kids the theme was "How to recognize sin in our daily activities?" We were talking about the intellectual component of identity and how it relates to the spiritual component. Also, we celebrated the Birthdays of the children born from January 1st to February 29th. We made fruit salads, pizza, and other treats for the children. They received Birthday gifts and a Birthday cake with candles. One 15 year old girl commented after she had blew out the candles, that she had never celebrated her birthday like this and had never blown out the candles before! After the lessons we had a small fair. Children could buy office supplies, hygiene items, toys, and sweets for money they received for attendance and good behavior. The older girls were given sweatshirts that were sent by friends in America. We were able to donate 10 liters of dish soap. The charity foundation, The Way Home, also donated 10 bags 40lb bags of carrots.
We are thankful God entrusts us with this ministry and are grateful for those of you that pray and financially support our work.