Monday, March 14, 2016

Zhovten 3-13

On the 13th of March our team visited the orphanage in Zhovten. I would like to say few words about this great team. They have 20 volunteers who regularly attend orphanage and about 10 more that occasionally help during celebrations and special holidays. Because in this ministry we serve God we understand how important it is to take care of our souls. Every Thursday this team meets for a Bible study. It’s also the time when they discuss the ministry and plan the next trip. They also celebrate each other birthdays and are like one big family. We are grateful that this team is serious about their walk with the Lord and serious about ministering to the children in the Zhovten orphanage.

This time when the team went to the orphanage they decided to bring them small notebooks and sweets because it’s was around the holiday, International Women’s Day.  When they met with the children they spent time praying with the children  and caregivers were respectful and stayed with them during this time. We pray that God also is working in their hearts, too. This time with the younger children the topic was  friendship. There was a video on this theme and there was time to make crafts with friends. With the older girls the topic was about where women should find their true happiness. These girls are open to hearing the truth and learning this. They are in most in need of His love and care. In our country tuberculosis is still an issue. Many people (especially the poor) die from this each year. In the 8th and 9th grade we talked about tuberculosis, it’s symptoms, and prevention methods. We pray that they will not contact this, but if they do that they will know to get treatment quickly. We sang many songs with all the kids which was a lot of fun. We are grateful for volunteers that share their musical talents!

We praise God for this team, these children, and for the opportunities to serve. Thank you for you prayers and financial support.