Wednesday, March 30, 2016

JAM Day Center March

In March, the children had a great time at the JAM Day Center. The children come everyday to do their studies and to spend time playing games, watching movies, eating lunch, and building relationships with volunteers.

One special event was the celebration of the International  Women’s Day. The children invited their mothers and grandmothers to the center. They worked hard to prepare poems, songs, and a skit for their mothers. They also played a few games with them. The girls baked some treats and the boys helped prepare the sandwiches. The ladies were grateful for this time with their children and grandchildren. It also gave us the opportunity to build relationships with these ladies.

The whole month children studied really hard, played together nicely, and helped clean up. For all of this they were rewarded with a trip to the Museum of Interesting Science. This museum was hands on and they were able to learn about many different inventions and intriguing things. 

We also had guests who were part of the Youngstar training and they shared with the children theatrical Biblical lessons. It was as if we were on the board of the Noah’s Ark during these amazing skits. Through this lesson they learned about how they can receive salvation. Praise God!

Please pray that there will be many more opportunities to share the Gospel with the children in a vivid way and that He will work in their hearts.