Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Balta 2-13

God gave us another opportunity to visit the children from the orphanage in Balta. We are glad that God has the heart of the director in His hands and we are free to talk to children about God. This time we were given 5th graders, with whom we have been working with for a period of time and they have become strongly attached to us. During our lesson we were talking about judgment.  Although it is quite a complex topic for the child's perception, all (including teachers) listened attentively. We sang several Christian songs to cheer everybody up. The children sang to us and it was very encouraging. After the songs, we had an object lesson. Using Poster Evangelism, we were able to explain in detail the essence of the gospel and tell them about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, sin, and the future of every person. Thank God for this meeting! As we were sharing we could see how tears started rolling in their eyes, but we weren’t able to capture it in the photo. But after the story, many of them wanted to hear more. Unfortunately, our time with the children was limited. So at the end we offered to children some Christian books that were donated by a volunteer. It’s so amazing to see how the Gospel touches children’s hearts. Thanks to everyone who supports us with prayers and participates in this ministry.