Friday, January 29, 2016


After the holidays. God opened the door for us to meet with the children in the Balta orphanage. We spent a wonderful time together with the 5th grade class. The theme of our meeting was the idea that life is full of difficulties and they need to be prepared to them. We divided children into two teams and had fun competitions. Children like the challenges that were set out before them. Almost all of them like challenges and want to overcome obstacles. And it's really important for them to learn how to do it over come because in life when they leave the orphanage they will have many challenges.

We talked with them and at the same time watched their behavior and reactions. For some of them it was difficult to be in the team, and these children are in need of a serious and prolonged psychological correction. But it was nice to see that they were supporting those who have been involved in the game. There were no losers. At the end of each received games kids got some school supplies and sweets.

This time something unusual happened. Usually, when we finish the meeting and begin gathering our materieals the kids are busy showing their prizes to each other and forget about us. But this time a boy named Sergei came up to me and began to help, and then he said quietly, "May God keep you on your way home!"

Thank God for our time with these children. We want to thank everyone who lifts us up in your prayers!