Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Balta November Update

We visited the children in the Balta orphanage. We played a lot of games and laughed, but most importantly we learned how to build relationships. The purpose of our meeting was to help children get to know each other better and interact with each other without humiliating one another. It's very hard to do, but  our God  is a God of miracles.

It was a real breakthrough. Kids from the 5th grade became closer to each other  and were helping whenever someone on their team was behind.  And it was amazing to see how they were encouraging and  showing mercy to one another.

We also had few competitions where every child could get a gift and it really motivated them to participate in the activities.

All of the kids loved our meeting and said “ Thank you very much!. Please come again!”. It's a great motivation to keep on coming and serving!

We want to thank everyone who lifts us up in prayers to God!  May God bless you richly!