Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Balta December

On Christmas Eve we were able to spend a wonderful time with the children of the Balta orphanage. It was during the time of their winter holidays. When we arrived, we found out that many children were taken to their families for Christmas and New Years. It turned out that in the orphanage there were only orphans that don't have any parents or relatives. These children really needed encouragement and we were glad we could be there to show them that God cared for them and we did, too.

The theme of our meeting was - Christmas. It was a very fun and rewarding time. In the beginning, we had a few games to warm up. This was followed by a quiz with questions on how well they know Christmas story. A lot of guys knew even the smallest details. It was very nice to see that they had listened to our sharing of the Christmas story in the past. When the other children heard the correct answers, it motivated them to remember the story. All kids who answered, received prizes or candy. Then we sang few songs that they remembered by heart. The most popular: "Jesus, You're my best friend." It's nice to hear that kids love to sing songs about Jesus Christ. At the end of our meeting, using the poster images we told them the gospel, and finished it up with sharing the meaning of Christmas.

There was a feeling that they did not want to say goodbye to us. It was great opportunity to love these children! Thank God for the opportunities He gives us to serve Him!