Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chornaya 11-21

On the 21st of November, we visited the children in the Chornaya orphanage. We sang songs, played games, and talked with  kids about the creation of the world. At the end, we showed them a great video about how God created people. We told children that they are unique and wonderfully made. There were a lot of kids and they were very active in participating in all of the activities. We see that each time we visit they connect with us a little more.

Please pray for these children. They are considered social orphans. They have families, but they are poor and have a lot of problems. Many of them live in houses that have holes in the roofs and walls. They sleep on the hay instead of a bed and come back to the orphanages with lice. They stay in the orphanages during the week, but often are at home on weekends and holidays. The situation in their homes is very difficult. We thank God for those who pray for these children and for their caregivers. Praise God the director is very open and always glad to see us coming. The children really need to know about God and His love for them. We are grateful for the opportunity to love them and to share with them the Good News.