Saturday, November 7, 2015

Balta October Report

God again gave us the opportunity to visit children in the Balta orphanage several times during October. One of our visits was during the fall break, but we had an opportunity to gather in a classroom with some kids. The topic of our meeting was, Sin – is the door that God prohibited us to go through. Dima continues to use poster Evangelism to explain to the children about the Gospel.

Dima had a chance to share with them how he came to Christ. One girl said : “What  you are saying is very interesting... I really liked your story!”. And I'm convinced that the seed has been sown in her heart.

Children were involved in the lesson, attentively listening to the story, and some even helped to explain what sin is and why there is such a big gap between people and God.  It was a great testimony to the caregivers, present at the lesson. The most active participants got stuffed animals and the rest got some candy. At the end all of the kids received warm scarves.

Thank you for supporting us and praying for these children and the ministry in Balta.