Monday, October 19, 2015

Zhovten 10-18

The group of volunteers from Yuzhniy visited the Zhovten orphanage on the 18th of October.
They started a new program for teens (7-9th grades). The book series is called “Lessons of Independent Life” in the goal is to help prepare them for the adulthood. Leaders went through a specialized training and are prepare to teach this series. The first lesson was about identity.
With younger kids we also started a new series of “Christianity from A to Z.” Their first lesson started with the letter "A" - Angels.

There was craft time for the younger kids and the older children baked some pastries for the whole orphanage and served them at dinner. Also, we had different sports games and all of the teams got prizes at the end. One of the teams that was the best at sports won an inflatable crocodile.

Now as the autumn holidays are coming almost all of the children want to be hosted at our place. So we asked the director and they will allow us to host 15 children during the fall break. Please pray that in this time we could plant the good seed in their hearts.

We now have two regular team members who graduated from this orphanage. They go to visit the kids, regularly come to see us, and go to church with us. We pray that through this they will come to Christ.

We praise God for the blessed time we have. May God allow us to use it for the Christ's benefit. We praise God for our sponsors and for all the people who pray for us and our children that we visit at the orphanages.