Monday, October 26, 2015

Karalino Bugaz children go hiking

We are thankful to God for this hiking trip with ten teens and their caregiver from the Karolina Bugaz orphanage.
It was an amazing time spent living in the forest, playing lots of games, and building personal relationships. Even the caregiver, who was not very excited about the hiking when it started, was fully engaged in the time and we got a chance to share our testimony with him.
For all kids it was their first hiking trip. They were really enthusiastic about it and loved every bit of it.
Also, they had a chance to learn more about responsibility. We had two groups, one was responsible for bringing drinking water and the other one for the firewood.
At the end we had to come back home and it was very sad as we really became close over these few days.
We are grateful for how God moved in their hearts and for many opportunities we had just to spend personal time with kids. Please pray for them.