Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Zhovten 5-30

Last Saturday, May 30th, the volunteers from Yuzniy for the last time this school year visited the Zhovten orphanage. In a few days, the 9th graders will have their graduation.

This time we took the kids out to the local park, which is very close to the orphanage. We split children into 2 teams and held different competitions: collecting the branches for the fire ( where we cooked potatoes) and putting together the puzzles that were hidden all around the park before being caught by the bad guys. But the favorite activity was when kids were being chased by the bad guys throwing water balloons at them.

At the end of our meeting we ate lots nice food and drank lemonade. The children didn't want us to leave.  They were full, tired, and happy saying goodbye to us.