Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Troitskaya 5-16

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to visit the orphanage in Troitskaya and our beautiful children! They were excited to see us and were waiting for us! It was our 5th trip to this orphanage this school year. We shared with them about God, what separates us from Him, and reminded the children what He has done for us. We told children that God wants to spend eternity with us.

After the lesson we played games, danced, talked, had fun, and tried to make this day special for them. It was a great blessing for us.  We thank God for opportunity to serve at this orphanage, for every single trip, through which God has blessed us so much.  And we want to thank everyone who made those trips possible. This orphanage became part of our church family! We can’t wait till September to visit the children again.  We ask you to pray for them and we believe that God really works in their hearts! Even if the life of one child will change it will be a miracle!

Nasledie partners with Holy Trinity Church to visit the children in Troitskaya. We are thankful for this partnership and their church body.