Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kilia 3-8

It was great to spend the day with the children celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th. The children are feeling much better after being sick last week and the volunteers of Nasledie were happy to see the children. We were able to bring items for children with special needs, to celebrate Birthdays with some children, and of course we held a fun event. Even though the time was fun, there was also time to think about faith and how prayer works.

We discussed the story of Jesus and the centurion. Two girls from the war zone in Eastern Ukraine that are now living in the Kilia orphanage shared how they had prayed with volunteers and how God worked through their situation. It was great to hear them share about how their own faith was growing. We see in their faces and eyes that the children ponder the things we discuss. We are planting the seeds of faith and prayer in their hearts.

There was also an English tutoring time for those serious about studying. Others watched a movie and the girls all had their nails painted to remind them of their beauty on this special holiday.