Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kilia 4-5

Volunteers (Dima, Serozha, Lena, and Nastia) with Nasledie visited the children on Sunday. It was a great time of conversation and fun.

They spent time talking with the children about some good habits like not smoking and not drinking. They also spent time with talking about the importance of safety on the internet. How it is important to know who you are discussing with on social internet sites and what information about yourself that you are sharing.

They again reviewed the Ten Commandments and then told the story of baby Moses and how he narrowly escaped death. It shows the character of God and how He is good. His parents prayed and God spared his life and used him to do many good things.

The rest of the day was spent outside in the beautiful weather. The boys enjoyed playing soccer and the girls talking with the volunteers.

We are thankful for the support for this team and for these volunteers that are committed to visiting the children every Sunday. Some volunteers travel nearly 4 hours to see the children! These visits are important to building strong relationships with the children, which is a priority for Nasledie.